Carla Farinhas has focused her professional activity on European Union Law and Competition Law. She is currently advisor on EU Litigation to the Secretary of State for European Affairs in Portugal. Carla Farinhas has served in the past as Legal Secretary (référendaire) at the Court of Justice of the European Union, where she has worked on a broad range of cases, including preliminary rulings, actions for annulment, and infringement proceedings relating to various EU Law matters. Her duties included writing draft judgments for deliberations, draft notes for deliberations, preliminary reports and other internal documents, intervening in discussions between cabinets, as well as preparing hearings. As a lawyer, Carla Farinhas has provided legal advice in Lisbon and Brussels to companies in various sectors of the economy, as well as to the Portuguese State, as regards, inter alia, rules on anticompetitive agreements, abuses of dominance, state aid, mergers, general product safety, food safety, chemicals (REACH), Union structural and investment funds. Carla Farinhas represented clients in both administrative and court proceedings.

2023 Awards

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