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Eleanor M. Fox is the Walter J. Derenberg Professor of Trade Regulation at New York University School of Law. Before joining the faculty of NYU Law School, Fox was a partner at the New York law firm Simpson Thacher & Bartlett. She has served as a member of the International Competition Policy Advisory Committee to the Attorney General of the U.S. Department of Justice (1997-2000) (President Clinton) and as a Commissioner on President Carter’s National Commission for the Review of Antitrust Laws and Procedures (1978-79). She has advised numerous younger antitrust jurisdictions, including South Africa, Egypt, Kenya, Tanzania, The Gambia, Indonesia, Russia, Poland and Hungary, and the common market COMESA. Fox received an honorary doctorate degree from the University of Paris-Dauphine (2009). She was awarded an inaugural Lifetime Achievement award in 2011 by the Global Competition Review for "substantial, lasting and transformational impact on competition policy and/or practice" and lifetime, inaugural or other achievement awards from ASCOLA, AALS Antitrust Section, New York State Bar Antitrust Association, and the American Antitrust Institute. Her books include MAKING MARKETS WORK FOR AFRICA with Mor Bakhoum (Oxford 2019), EU Competition Law casebook with Damien Gerard (Elgar 2017), GLOBAL ISSUES IN ANTITRUST AND COMPETITION LAW with Dan Crane (2d ed. West 2017), Readings on developing countries and competition with Abel Mateus (Elgar 2011), and the new 4th edition of U.S. ANTITRUST LAW IN COMPARATIVE CONTEXT, with Daniel Crane (West 2020).

In order to honor Eleanor M. Fox, Concurrences has published a Liber Amicorum Tribute, Eleanor M. Fox: Antitrust Ambassador to the World.

2021 Awards

2020 Awards


Winner, 2021 Antitrust Writing Awards: Business, General Antitrust

Nominee, 2021 Antitrust Writing Awards: Academic, Asian Antitrust

Winner, 2020 Antitrust Writing Awards: Academic, Cross-Border Issues

Nominee, 2020 Antitrust Writing Awards: Business, Unilateral Conduct

Nominee, 2018 Antitrust Writing Awards: Academic, Cross-Border Issues

Nominee, 2016 Antitrust Writing Awards: Academic, Cross-Border Issues

Winner, 2015 Antitrust Writing Awards: Academic, General Antitrust

Nominee, 2012 Antitrust Writing Awards: Academic, General Antitrust

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