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Francesca Marchini Càmia Jones Day


Francesca Marchini Càmia practices in the area of EU law, with a particular focus on competition law. She has advised clients on a wide range of EU law issues, including Article 81 and 82 EC. Francesca’s practice experience is especially strong in complex cartel proceedings before the European Commission and the National Competition Authorities. Her recent representations include: the marine hoses case for Parker Hannifin, the air cargo case for American Airlines, the methionine and methylglucamine case for Aventis, the paper and forest products case for UPM-Kymmene, and the Sorbates case for a worldwide chemical producer. In addition, she has experience in court proceedings representing clients before the Court of First Instance and the Court of Justice of the European communities, for example, cases T-328/03 02 Germany v. Commission and T-06/03 Reynolds v. Commission. Prior to joining Jones Day, Francesca worked for the European Commission from 1994 to 1999 as a member of the cabinet of a commissioner and as a legal adviser for the directorate for research, development, and technology. Francesca is coauthor of the chapter on the European Commission in the main French language legal treatise on European Union law, Le droit de la Communauté économique européenne (J. MEGRET & autres, ULB). Francesca also participated in the Global Competition Review’s (GCR) 2008 roundtable on cartels and has written articles on the subject. In addition, she was featured in GCR’s "Women in Antitrust" 2009 survey, which is a special issue of the magazine that highlights the careers and contributions of leading female antitrust lawyers around the world.

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