John Harkrider is a Partner at Axinn in New York. As a founding member of Axinn, he has worked on a variety of large cases over the past two decades, including the recreation of AT&T (representing BellSouth in its acquisition by AT&T, and Cingular in its acquisition by AT&T Wireless), the antitrust analysis of Standard Essential Patents (representing Google in both its acquisition of Motorola Mobility as well as the FTC’s investigation into Google and Motorola’s use of Standard Essential Patents). He represented Google in its acquisition of ITA Software as well as NEST. He has acted as global coordinating counsel on some of the largest cross-border transactions, including Thermo Fisher’s $13.2 billion acquisition of Life Technologies, Ball’s $6.7 billion acquisition of Rexam PLC, and Dell’s $67 billion acquisition of EMC. He has also litigated in a number of merger challenges against the Government (SunGard/Comdisco, Tyson/George’s and Omnicare/Pharmerica), for the Government (including WorldCom’s attempted acquisition of Sprint), and against private parties (Stanley/Newell and Vantico/Apollo). And he has also argued a number of Sherman Act cases, including SawStop on behalf of Stanley Black and Decker, and the Growers Antitrust Litigation on behalf of Tyson.

2021 Awards

2020 Awards


Nominee, 2021 Antitrust Writing Awards: Business, Mergers

Nominee, 2021 Antitrust Writing Awards: Business, Unilateral Conduct

Nominee, 2020 Antitrust Writing Awards: Business, Cross-Border Issues

Nominee, 2019 Antitrust Writing Awards: Academic, General Antitrust

Nominee, 2017 Antitrust Writing Awards: Academic, Mergers

Winner, 2014 Antitrust Writing Awards: Business, Intellectual Property

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