Prof. Marek Martyniszyn is a Professor in Law at Queen’s University Belfast (UK). Previously he was a Senior Research Fellow in the Institute for Consumer Antitrust Studies at Loyola University Chicago. He holds a PhD from University College Dublin (completed on a prestigious Ad Astra Scholarship), an LLM (with specializations in EU Economic and World Trade Law) from the Saarland University’s European Institute, and Master degrees from the Warsaw School of Economics. His expertise focuses on various aspects of competition law and policy in international and transnational contexts, including the limits of extraterritorial jurisdiction and state involvement in anticompetitive practices. One of his strands of research explores challenges facing new competition system, esp. those in developing countries and economies in transition. Prof. Martyniszyn is a Non-Governmental Advisor to the International Competition Network and he did work in the framework of the UNCTAD Research Partnership Platform, presenting it on the UN forum numerous times. His full profile is available at:

2023 Awards


Nominee, 2018 Antitrust Writing Awards: Academic, Cross-Border Issues

Nominee, 2016 Antitrust Writing Awards: Academic, Concerted Practices

Nominee, 2015 Antitrust Writing Awards: Academic, Cross-Border Issues

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