Nicole Rosenboom Oxera


Nicole Rosenboom is an Economist at Oxera since 2018. She previously served as a competition economist at SEO Amsterdam Economics between 2010 and 2018. During the Bachelor Economics at the University of Utrecht and the Master Economics, track Competition and Regulation at the University of Tilburg she acquired knowledge of the working of supply and demand, market imperfections such as market power and knowledge about the working of regulation. With this knowledge she is able to analyse why a certain market does not function as it should and how to remedy this. Furthermore she uses her expertise to determine the effect of mergers, estimate the amount of cartel damages, establish whether there is an abuse of dominance and work on self-assessments of cartel law. Sectors she has performed research in are amongst others agriculture, beer, education, energy, real estate and mortgage. she publishes regularly in professional journals in the field of competition law and economics, and often speaks at conferences. She has a PhD in Economics from the University of Amsterdam, focusing on cartels.

2022 Awards


Nominee, 2022 Antitrust Writing Awards: Business, Economics

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