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For more than thirty years, Cornerstone Research staff and experts have provided economic and financial analysis in all phases of commercial litigation and regulatory proceedings. We continually strive to maintain the trust our clients place in us. To provide a customized and creative response to each case, we identify the most qualified experts and employ sophisticated analytical tools to address complex challenges. We support clients with robust, objective testimony that is grounded in real-world data, academic research, and case precedent. Our values underpin everything we do. It is why we build multidisciplinary case teams across practices, industries, and offices. It is why we draw strategically from our international expert network of academics, industry specialists, and former regulators. And when matters require large-scale data analytics, it is why we provide industry-leading analytical, artificial intelligence, and machine learning expertise and techniques. It is why we always bring our expertise and teamwork to your matters ensuring exceptional breadth of perspective, as well as superior efficiency and analytic depth. While there have been unprecedented changes to the way we work, the expertise, creativity, and dedication we bring our clients and experts are unabated.

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