Jones Day

Jones Day is One Firm Worldwide® because that’s the best way to meet a client’s needs, and the best way to develop and retain exceptional legal talent. Jones Day seeks to provide institutional solutions to our clients’ institutional needs. All clients are clients of the Firm. All clients can call upon any and all of the resources of the Firm in seeking to meet their challenges—including across jurisdictions and disciplines. New lawyers at Jones Day find out very quickly that our commitment to teamwork is real. Our lawyers work across offices, practices, and continents, and are devoted to serving their clients, improving the legal profession, and promoting the rule of law. We are not a constellation of individuals and offices and practices. We have no "branch" or "satellite" offices and no headquarters. This is Jones Day: True partners, with each other and with our clients, based on communication, collaboration, conviction, and talent across specialties and jurisdictions. That’s the right way to serve clients. That’s the best way for lawyers new to the Firm to become outstanding attorneys.

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