Alvin Tan Rajah & Tann


Alvin holds a Bachelor of Business Management and worked in a central ministry where he became acquainted with the structure and workings of the government, before obtaining his Juris Doctor in law in 2013. As a Partner in Rajah & Tann Singapore LLP’s Competition & Antitrust and Trade Practice, he advises regularly on consumer protection- and competition-related matters, including compliance and training of in-house counsel. He also practises trade law, advising regularly on issues such as licensing and import / export requirements including export control. He also advises extensively on environmental compliance issues in Singapore, as well as on sustainability-related issues including carbon trading. In addition, he advises on employment law, ranging from issues relating to fair hiring, performance management, WSH, misconduct, termination and redundancy, restraint of trade, and whistle-blowing. He is also a regular trainer for contract law and employment law with a prominent business chamber in Singapore, and an adjunct lecturer at a Singapore university.

2023 Awards

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