Chris Vrettos’ research interests at SRC lie in exploring cross-cutting themes of social, political and environmental sustainability, using various tools (like art, or activism) to achieve change. Vrettos chose the SRC as a place of study in order to conduct research within a trans-disciplinary environment that is flexible to experimenting with new ideas and approaches to research. Another useful tool that the SRC provides is contacts with people coming from varied backgrounds, each of whom can provide their unique expertise to create something bigger. Vrettos completed the International Baccalaureate diploma in Athens and completed his Bachelor’s in Biodiversity and Conservation in University College London in 2018. He has joined multiple research teams as an assistant conducting fieldwork in the United Kingdom, the Aegean islands, the Peruvian Amazon and the Galapagos islands. He has volunteered with a range of humanitarian and environmental organisations, such as the Alzheimer’s society, Greenpeace, food-waste organisations, a mobile refugee library and social spaces in Athens aimed at refugee integration. He is particularly interested in how art and/or activism can be employed to create or bolster systemic socio-environmental change. For the past year he has contributed to multiple publications, such as LiFO, Athens Voice, Pressenza and UCL Kinesis, mostly writing and/or investigating pressing socioenvironmental justice issues. Vrettos co-founded The Climate Collective in 2016, an online platform for people of all backgrounds to share in real-time their experiences, thoughts or work on all kinds of environmental issues.

2021 Awards


Nominee, 2021 Antitrust Writing Awards: Academic, Unilateral Conduct

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