Cristián Hernández NERA


Dr. Cristián Hernández is a Senior Consultant at NERA’s Antitrust and Competition practice. Dr. Hernández advises clients from a wide range of industries on economic issues including antitrust reviews of mergers and acquisitions and allegations of anticompetitive conduct. He helps companies obtain the necessary antitrust clearance (from the US Federal Trade Commission and the US Department of Justice) to consummate their proposed mergers and acquisitions. Dr. Hernández believes working in a collaborative partnership with his clients and engaging constructively with antitrust agencies helps secure better outcomes. In his antitrust work, Dr. Hernández has analyzed large data sets, studied natural experiments, conducted merger simulations, and developed econometric models of competition, including models of bargaining and spatial competition. He has analyzed economic issues across a wide range of industries including card payments, railroads, technology, construction supplies, consumer products, data distribution, health care, retail, rental cars, and waste.

2023 Awards

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