Cristina Volpin is a Competition Policy Expert at the OECD and is based in Paris, where she conducts research on various competition law and policy topics for the OECD Competition Committee and provides capacity-building to competition authorities and members of the judiciary. At the OECD, she leads the work on sustainability and competition and authored a number of research studies, including with a focus on competition enforcement and policy in labour markets, digital markets, innovation, and the economic recovery. She is a qualified lawyer in Italy, where she worked in two top-tier Italian law firms (Gianni Origoni Grippo Cappelli & Partners, and Chiomenti). Cristina obtained a Ph.D. in EU Competition Law from the University of Padua, where she also graduated in Law. Before joining the OECD, she was an associate lecturer in competition law at Queen Mary University of London. She recently completed a postgraduate course on Business Sustainability Management from the University of Cambridge. She is editor of the Journal of European Competition Law & Practice and a Fellow at the Centre for Law, Economics and Society at University College London. She has published in the Common Market Law Review and other leading journals. Her book on burden and standard of proof in EU competition law is in preparation.

2023 Awards

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