Juliette Caminade Analysis Group


Juliette Caminade specializes in the economic analysis of platform and competition issues in the US and EU. She has submitted three antitrust expert reports and testified twice as an expert witness. She has extensive experience working on behalf of digital platforms and technology companies, on a wide range of litigation issues, including competition and worker misclassification matters. She has also conducted or supervised dozens of economic impact studies and authored multiple white papers on matters pertaining to economic and industrial policy in technology markets, and provided strategic advice. Additionally, Juliette Caminade has conducted analyses of competition issues across a range of industries. In antitrust matters, including horizontal and vertical mergers, she has supported experts on behalf of plaintiffs, defendants, and agencies such as the DOJ and FTC. Her work also includes False Claims Act and IP matters. Juliette Caminade has taught competition economics at the undergraduate level in the economics department at Dartmouth College. She has written about and discussed antitrust issues in the digital economy and in health care markets, occupational licensing, two-sided platforms, and interim measures in antitrust investigations. Her papers have appeared in the Journal of Competition Law & Economics and ABA’s The Antitrust Source. She was a speaker at a competition roundtable organized by the OECD. Dr. Caminade serves as vice-chair of the Media and Technology Committee of the ABA Antitrust Law Section.

2023 Awards


Nominee, 2019 Antitrust Writing Awards: Business, General Antitrust

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