Peerapat Chokesuwattanaskul Chulalongkorn University


Dr. Peerapat Chokesuwattanaskul is an Assistant Professor and Affiliated Lecturer in Law and Economics at the Faculty of Law, Chulalongkorn University, and a Managing Partner at VA Partners Co. Ltd., a law and economics consulting company. He teaches, provides consultation, and conducts research in the areas where law, economics and technology overlap, including Competition Law, Legal Analytics and Personal Data Protection. Prior to joining the Faculty, he was a Data Scientist at Agoda working with both backends and frontends teams and researched extensively in the areas of machine learning, experiment design and Bayesian statistical analysis. He also supervised in several subjects at University of Cambridge including Econometrics, Quantitative methods, and Business Economics. Dr. Peerapat is a graduate of Chulalongkorn University (LL.B. (’07), M.A. (International Economics and Finance) (’08)), of the Joint Doctoral Program in Business Administration (DBA. (’12)) and of the University of Cambridge (MPhil (Economics) (’13), PhD (Development Economics) (’17)).

2023 Awards

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