Reiko Aoki is Commissioner of Japan Fair Trade Commission. She has conducted research and published on economics of patents, patent pools, standards, innovation and intergenerational political economy. She has been Principle Investigator for research projects funded by Japan Science and Technology Agency and by Japanese Society for Promotion of Science, and Research Institute of Economics, Trade and Industry where she was a Faculty Fellow. She has been actively involved in science, technology and innovation policy as Executive Member of Council for Science and Technology Policy, Japanese Cabinet Office 2009-2014. Previous appointments include Executive Vice-President (International, Gender Equality, Intellectual Property) at Kyushu University, Member of Science Council of Japan, Member of Industrial Structure Council, Intellectual Property Committee, Patent System Subcommittee and its Expert Working Group, and Information and Communications Council. She received her Bachelor of Science (Mathematics) from University of Tokyo, Master of Arts (Public Policy) from University of Tsukuba, Master of Science (Statistics) and PhD (Economics) from Stanford University. She has held positions at the Ohio State University, SUNY Stony Brook, University of Auckland and Hitotsubashi University.

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