Ariel Salvaro Editorial Committee Concurrences (London)


Ariel Salvaro currently acts as Events Coordinator at Concurrences, where he manages antitrust conferences in the UK, US and Asia. Known among colleagues as "the economist who loves working with lawyers", he is the only economist on the team. Ariel holds an M.A. in Economics from University of Virginia where he was awarded the International Graduate Student Leadership Award, and a B.A. in Economics (summa cum laude) from University of Zagreb, Croatia where he graduated 1st in class of 2,700 peers. He has previously worked in antitrust both in the US for expert witness Gregory Sidak at Criterion Economics, and in the EU for the Croatian Competition Agency. He has also worked in broader economic consulting for clients and regulators in North America, Europe, and Australia. He joined Concurrences in January 2018 as Associate Editor in New York.

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