Geert is a partner in the antitrust and competition practice group in the firm’s Brussels office. Geert focuses on all areas of EU competition, merger and regulatory law. He is qualified to practice law in Belgium as well as in England and Wales, and holds an LLM in European Law. Geert has represented a large number of clients in a wide variety of industries including agricultural seeds, automotive, aviation, biotechnology, consumer goods, oil, paper, telecommunications and high-tech. He advises clients on complex antitrust issues including merger remedy cases, cartel related issues (both in the context of European Commission investigations and private damages actions) and abuse of dominance cases. Geert is a recognised competition law specialist "who is looked upon with enormous favour thanks to his strong expertise across EU merger control and regulatory matters" (Who’s Who Legal Competition 2019). Geert is also a guest lecturer at Leiden University and presents a module on EU competition law and its application in the aviation industry at the LLM Air and Space Law.

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