Jee-Yeon Lehmann Analysis Group (Boston)


Dr. Lehmann specializes applying microeconomics, econometrics, and statistical methods to complex litigation matters in the areas of labor and employment, antitrust and competition, and health care. She has examined liability issues and calculated damages in a number of high-profile employment litigation matters, including those involving allegations of no-poaching and wage-fixing agreements. In antitrust and competition matters, she has provided economic and statistical analysis of pricing and discounting policies, evaluated merger efficiencies and competitive effects, and developed market demand models in the cable and telecommunications, technology, and pharmaceutical industries. In health care, Dr. Lehmann has broad experience analyzing clinical trial and registry data in the context of product liability and drug safety litigations and patent disputes. Over the course of these matters, she has supported testifying experts and assisted counsel in multiple phases of the litigation. Dr. Lehmann’s research on employment and health care topics has been published in peer-reviewed journals including the Journal of Economic Literature, TheJournal of Human Resources, Labour Economics, and TheAmerican Journal of Managed Care. Prior to joining Analysis Group, she was a lecturer at Boston University and an assistant professor of economics at the University of Houston, where she taught undergraduate and graduate courses in labor economics and conducted research on discrimination and inequalities in the labor market.

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