Coen Drion


Coen Drion is widely recognized as one of the leading practitioners of civil and commercial law in the Netherlands. He provides strategic advice to clients on their most important issues, including commercial and civil disputes, litigation before the courts, and other forums. Prior to joining Jones Day, he served as a Justice in the Supreme Court of the Netherlands for five years, after having been in private practice for more than 20 years. Coen is regularly asked to serve as an mediator or arbitrator. In his prior private practice he served as an expert investigator, appointed by the Enterprise Chamber of the Amsterdam Court of Appeals, in the matter of Fortis (a large Belgian/Dutch financial). The investigation concerned the takeover of Fortis by three major European banks and the subsequent rescue of Fortis by the Dutch, Belgian, and Luxemburg states in the midst of the financial crisis. Coen also has extensive experience in technology-related issues and has advised large corporations and the Netherlands government. Coen is a member of the editorial board of many legal publications and has authored more than 150 articles, spanning a wide variety of legal subject matters. He continues to publish regularly and also lectures on civil and commercial law issues to business lawyers on such topics as how Anglo-American law and practices influence the law and practice in the Netherlands and beyond.

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