Mark D. Powell


Mark Powell is the Executive Partner of the Brussels office. He has been advising on a broad range of competition law issues for nearly twenty-five years, with a particular focus on the interface between competition law and sector-specific regulatory requirements in areas such as telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, energy, the media and transport. Mr. Powell also handles the regulatory clearance of complex mergers and acquisitions. Recent examples include Acergy/Subsea7, HBO/Ziggo, Sanofi-Aventis/Zentiva, and Aegean/Olympic II—which resulted in the European Commission clearing the deal in a Phase II proceeding, which was the first time that the Commission cleared a merger after it had previously prohibited it. He also represents and advises clients involved in cartel investigations (including nucleotides, synthetic rubber, candle wax, calcium carbide, power cables). Mark Powell is now also an active member of the London practice and has been advising on UK market investigation and merger cases.

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