Rene Befurt


Dr. Befurt specializes in applying his expertise in marketing research methodologies to both litigation and strategy case work. His recent engagements include surveys on evaluating the perceived health benefit of consumer goods; assessing how much an electronic communication device’s features contribute to the purchase of such a device in a patent litigation; and examining whether false advertising allegations lead to purchases in a matter involving the labeling on a packaged consumer good. Dr. Befurt has also worked on matters regarding the importance of a brand to celebrity endorsement contracts, and Lanham Act cases involving diagnostic services, nutritional supplements, baby food, beverages, and sports apparel. In these and other cases, Dr. Befurt has supported leading marketing authorities, including Professors John Hauser and Joel Steckel, in designing and implementing a number of survey approaches. Dr. Befurt has served as an expert in a trade secret matter pertaining to sports cars.

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