Sebastian Louven


Sebastian Louven is a German qualified lawyer and Research Associate of the Interdisciplinary Centre of Law of the Information Society at the University of Oldenburg. He frequently publishes in professional journals and books and gives lectures in competition law, trade law and privacy law. He advises and does research in antitrust law, innovation theory and telecommunications law. Prior to his position at Oldenburg University he served as Regulatory Counsel of the German based fibre carrier Versatel and Associate Lawyer of Login Partners. Since 2011, Sebastian has been a member of the editorial board of, a german blog on information society law. He co-founded the telemedicus summer conference in Berlin, one of the most progressive law conferences in Germany. He studied at the Universities of Jena, Thessaloniki and Münster and finished his legal clerkship with stations at the Federal Cartel Office and a large business news publishing house.

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