Stephen Davies


Stephen Davies is Professor of Economics and also one of the four founders of the ESRC Centre for Competition Policy at UEA. He holds degrees of PhD, MA and BA in Economics from the University of Warwick. Most of his recent research has been in Industrial Organisation in general and Competition Economics in particular. He has written on: cartels and tacit collusion; mergers, merger simulation and merger remedies; evaluating competition policy with special reference to deterrence and detection; non-linear pricing in oligopoly; multinational firms; the determinants of industrial structure and concentration, the Single European Market, diffusion of technology. He has published thirteen books and over 60 refereed academic articles, official reports, and chapters in books, including papers for: Economica, Economic Journal, European Economic Review, International Journal of Industrial Organisation, Journal of Industrial Economics, Journal of International Economics, and the Review of Economics and Statistics. He was a previous editor of the Journal of Industrial Economics. Since 2001 he has been an Academic Adviser to the Office of Fair Trading. He has also undertaken research for, and advised various other competition and other governmental bodies in both the UK and overseas, including: the EC, OECD, South Africa, Sweden, Singapore, Chile, Mexico, and Ireland.

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