Steven Salop is Professor of Economics and Law at the Georgetown University Law Center in Washington, where he teaches antitrust law and economics and economic reasoning and the law. His research and consulting focuses on microeconomics, antitrust, competition and regulation. He has written numerous articles in various areas of antitrust economics and law — exclusionary conduct, mergers, joint ventures and tacit coordination – many of which take a “Post-Chicago” approach. These articles include a series of articles analyzing exclusionary market power, exclusionary conduct and raising rivals’ costs in the context of a variety of antitrust areas, including monopolization, input purchases and monopsony, joint venture access rules, vertical mergers and vertical restraints. His research also has focused on various aspects of mergers and joint ventures, including market definition, partial ownership and cross-ownership interests, entry barriers and efficiencies. He also has written articles on procedural issues, including summary disposition, treble damages and appellate decision-making. Dr. Salop’s consulting practice at CRA International crosses the entire range of antitrust, with a specialization in mergers, joint ventures and exclusionary conduct. His industry expertise includes telecommunications, electronic commerce, computer hardware and software, financial services, airlines and consumer products. Professor Salop has a Ph.D. in Economics from Yale University in 1972. Before joining the Georgetown faculty, he worked at the Federal Trade Commission, the Civil Aeronautics Board and the Federal Reserve Board.

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