Artificial Intelligence And Blockchain: An Introduction to Competition Issues

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Artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain are disruptive technologies, which are taking the lead in economic discourse at the international level and promise to reshape entire industries. These technologies offer an unrivalled potential to improve efficiency levels and benefit consumers, also through lower production and transaction costs, more innovation, and the introduction of new and better products and services. At the same time, commentators and agencies agree that AI and blockchain present theoretical and practical challenges for policy-makers and enforcers. They may facilitate certain anticompetitive practices, raise novel issues and challenge some of the traditional competition analysis tools and concepts. In some cases, the combined use of AI and blockchain may even increase the antitrust concerns raised by these new technologies. With the contribution of enforcers, lawyers and in-house counsels, with both economic and legal backgrounds, this symposium discusses the competition and regulatory issues arising from the above-mentioned technologies and looks ahead to possible future developments.