Best 2020 Newsletters: Rankings & Survey Report

The aim of these Antitrust Newsletters Rankings is to make it easier for practitioners to select the alerts and other law firm publications that are more relevant to their practice. Concurrences conducted an online survey of 6,500 in-house counsel worldwide between November and December 2019.

The Global Ranking is then made of 10 sub-rankings: In-house Counsel’s Choice, Readership, Country Coverage, Case Coverage, Cartels, Mergers, IP & antitrust, Private Enforcement, Asian Antitrust, and Accessibility. The first two rankings, Counsel’s Choice and Readership, are based on the results of the above-mentioned survey. The other rankings are based on the publications freely available on each firm’s website.

These Rankings are accompanied by the 2020 Survey Report, which provides, inter-alia, recommendations by in-house counsel.

Global Ranking

The Global Ranking of the Antitrust professional publications is based on the rankings below.