Don’t You Let that Deal Go Down: Reexamining the 2010 Ticketmaster/Live Nation Merger and Justice Department Consent Decree Ten Years Later

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This paper examines the 2010 merger between live music industry giants Ticketmaster and Live Nation. The past ten years have demonstrated that the merger between Live Nation and Ticketmaster has not delivered the promised benefits to consumer welfare through increased efficiencies, but instead exacerbated already severe levels of concentration and consolidation in the industry. The heavy concentration existing today, as a result of the DOJ’s failure to take adequate steps in 2010, to prevent such concentration, is resulting in tremendous economic harm to consumers who wish to view live music shows. The paper recommends that with interest in live music continuing to grow, it is incumbent upon America’s antitrust agencies to more aggressively enforce the antitrust laws to catalyze greater competition in the live music industry, and to increase consumer welfare for fans of live music.