2021 Antitrust Writing Awards - Jury

The Awards Jury comprises the Board, the Academic and Business Steering Committees, the Student Committee, and the Editorial Committee. Each of these contribute to the Awards selection process. The Editorial Committee of Concurrences selects the pool of all antitrust writings accepted for nomination. The Steering Committees selects the award-winning soft laws, and makes a short list of the best academic and business articles. The Board then selects the award-winning academic and business articles among those. The Student Committee mentored by Board member Prof. William Kovacic selects the award-winning student paper.

The Board

The Board members for the Antitrust Writing Awards are:

- Olivier GUERSENT, EU Commission - DG COMP, Director-General for Competition
- Frédéric JENNY, OECD Competition Committee, Chairman
- Juliane KOKOTT, Court of Justice of the EU, Advocate General
- William KOVACIC, George Washington University Competition Law Center, Professor
- Sarah OXENHAM ALLEN, Office of the Virginia Attorney General, Chair of the NAAG Antitrust Taskforce; Senior Assistant Attorney General and Antitrust Unit Manager
- Aik Kor SIA, Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore, Chief Executive

Academic Steering Committee

The Academic Steering Committee members for the Antitrust Writing Awards are:

- Pinar AKMAN, University of Leeds
- Christian BOVET, University of Geneva
- Dennis CARLTON, Booth School of Business, University of Chicago
- Michael A. CARRIER, Rutgers University
- Andy CHEN, Taiwan Fair Trade Commission
- Andrew GAVIL, Howard University School of Law
- Joseph E. HARRINGTON, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
- Deborah HEALEY, University of New South Wales - Law School
- Simon LOERTSCHER, University of Melbourne
- Mel MARQUIS, Monash Law School
- Douglas MELAMED, Stanford Law School
- Yanbei MENG, Renmin University of China
- Jeanine MIKLOS-THAL, University of Rochester
- Renato NAZZINI, King’s College London
- Aviv NEVO, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
- Jasminka PECOTIC KAUFMAN, University of Zagreb
- Simon ROBERTS, University of Johannesburg
- Steven SALOP, Georgetown University
- Thibault SCHREPEL, University of Utrecht & Stanford
- Daniel SOKOL, University of Florida
- Daniel SPULBER, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

Business Steering Committee

The Business Steering Committee members for the Antitrust Writing Awards are:

- Konstantina BANIA, European Broadcasting Union, Senior Legal Counsel
- Marc BROTMAN, Pfizer, Vice President & Assistant General Counsel
- Olaf CHRISTIANSEN, Bertelsmann, and RTL Grup, Senior Vice President
- Danielle CLARK, HP, Global Antitrust Counsel & Associate General Counsel
- Anna Rosa COSI, Western Digital, Senior Director & Assistant General Counsel
- Martin d’HALLUIN, News Corp, Senior Vice President & Global Competition Law & Policy Counsel
- Dimos DAKANALIS, Oracle, Chief Competition Counsel
- Martim DELLA VALLE, Zenith Source, and Della Valle Dispute Resolution, Independent Arbitrator
- David EMANUELSON, Intel, Global Antitrust Counsel
- Wolfgang HECKENBERGER, Siemens, Senior Competition Advisor
- Dina KALLAY, Ericsson, Head of Antitrust
- Hee-Eun KIM, Samsung, Principal Legal Counsel
- Alexander KOMMATAS, JPMorgan Chase & Co., Vice President of Global Antitrust Compliance
- Alex KRULIC, Delta Air Lines, Managing Director & Associate General Counsel
- Timothy LAMB, Facebook, Associate General Counsel
- Kamya RAJAGOPAL, Nestle, Legal Counsel Antitrust
- Angela STAUNTON, Bayer Pharmaceuticals, Vice President Antitrust
- Jerry SWINDEL, Johnson & Johnson, Chief Antitrust Counsel
- Mathias TRAUB, Bosch, Head of Antitrust Law
- Michelle YIP, HSBC, Associate General Counsel, Competition Law
- Xin Roger ZHANG, Tencent, Senior Legal Counsel

Student Committee

The Student Committee members for the Antitrust Writing Awards are:
- 5 Student Members (students at The George Washington University Law School, to be announced soon)
- Mentor: William KOVACIC, George Washington University Competition Law Center, Professor

Editorial Committee

The Editorial Committee members for the Antitrust Writing Awards are:

- Nicolas CHARBIT, Chief Editor, Concurrences
- Fanny MEJANE, Deputy Chief Editor, Concurrences Review
- Edouard VERTE, Deputy Chief Editor, Concurrences
- Achet-Billa SALEH, Global Events Manager, Concurrences
- Ariel SALVARO, Events Coordinator, Concurrences
- Valentin MAUBOUSSIN, Events Associate, Concurrences