Do you have to put up with that? Legal protections in the context of antitrust law investigations in the U.S. and E.U.

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Written by Nicholas Gaglio, Lindsey Strang, Susan Zhu, Dr. Lukas Aberle and Dr. Christian Steinle, “Do You Have to Put Up With That? Legal Protections in the Context of Antitrust Law Investigations in the U.S. and E.U.” provides a streamlined and comparative guide to the different types of antitrust investigative measures (inquiries, searches, and interviews) available to United States and European Union antitrust enforcers and practical tips for companies facing cartel investigations. The article outlines the similarities and differences between the legal standards governing the various investigative measures employed in the two jurisdictions, as well as the steps companies can take to seize on applicable protections against unreasonable searches. English translation of an article published in the German law journal Compliance Berater. English publication pending.