How biologics Cos. disparage biosimilars and how to stop it

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Biologics offer pathbreaking advances, but at a high price. Competitors known as biosimilars promise lower prices. But they will not be adopted if biologic manufacturers disparage them, raising safety concerns. This short piece highlights the four types of deceptive statements and omissions biologic companies have leveled, which rely on fearmongering as well as claims that the biosimilar acts differently from the reference product, is not identical, and does not satisfy the standard of interchangeability. The piece concludes by highlighting the FTC’s and FDA’s analysis of the issue as well as how disparagement can violate antitrust law. Action in this area would prevent biologic manufacturers from stifling more affordable biosimilars in their cradle by ominously implying false safety concerns. And in the process, it would help U.S. consumers afford life-saving medicines.