Self-assessment tool "Has my company made a prohibited agreement?"

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The Competition Council of Latvia has prepared a self-assessment tool for entrepreneurs to make sure in a convenient way that, due to their carelessness or lack of knowledge, they have not engaged in a prohibited agreement with competitors, or in a cartel – the most serious infringement of competition law. The self-assessment tool summarises the most typical situations in which entrepreneurs can become, knowingly or unwittingly, part of the cartel. For example, a prohibited agreement is considered to be a communication between competitors on participation or non-participation in a specific procurement, or on the prices offered in the procurement, or a request for “artificial offers” without genuine desire to compete, as entrepreneurs have already decided who will be the expected winner. A prohibited agreement threatens entrepreneurs not only to face harsh fines of up to 10% of the company’s previous year’s net turnover, but also a one-year ban on participating in public procurements.