2022 Antitrust Writing Awards - Jury

The Awards Jury comprises the Board, the Academic and Business Steering Committees, the Student Committee, and the Editorial Committee. Each of these contributes to the Awards selection process. The Editorial Committee of Concurrences selects the pool of all antitrust writings accepted for nomination. The Steering Committees selects the award-winning soft laws, and makes a shortlist of the best academic and business articles. The Board then selects the award-winning academic and business articles among those. The Student Committee mentored by Board member Prof. William Kovacic selects the award-winning student paper.


The Board members for the Antitrust Writing Awards are :

- Reiko AOKI, Commissioner, Japanese Competition Authority
- Frédéric JENNY, OECD Competition Committee, Chairman
- Küllike JÜRIMÄE, Judge, EU Court of Justice
- William KOVACIC, George Washington University Competition Law Center, Professor
- Alexandre Cordeiro MACEDO, Chair, Brazil Antitrust Agency (CADE)
- Noah Joshua PHILIPS, Commissioner, FTC
- Diane WOOD, Judge, US Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit (Chicago)

Academic Steering Committee

The Academic Steering Committee members for the Antitrust Writing Awards are :

- Pinar AKMAN, University of Leeds
- Christian BOVET, University of Geneva Law School
- Marcel BOYER, University of Montreal
- Dennis CARLTON, The University of Chicago Booth School of Business
- Michael A. CARRIER, Rutgers Law School
- Andy CHEN, Chung Yuan Christian University
- Thomas CHENG, University of Hong Kong
- Daniel CRANE, University of Michigan Law School
- Niamh DUNNE, London School of Economics
- Sean ENNIS, University of East Anglia
- Amelia FLETCHER, University of East Anglia
- Michal GAL, University of Haifa
- David GERBER, Chicago-Kent College of Law
- Inge GRAEF, University of Tilburg
- Leigh HANCHER, University of Tilburg
- Deni MANTZARI, University College London
- Mel MARQUIS, Monash Law School
- Thibault SCHREPEL, Vrije University of Amsterdam / Stanford University
- Fiona SCOTT MORTON, Yale School of Management
- Howard SHELANSKI, Georgetown University
- Daniel SOKOL, USC Gould School of Law
- Florian WAGNER-VON PAPP, Helmut Schmidt University
- Xiaoye Wang, Institute of Law - Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
- Angela Huyue ZHANG, University of Hong Kong
- Wouter WILS, King’s College London

Business Steering Committee

The Business Steering Committee members for the Antitrust Writing Awards are :

- Andrea APPELLA, Netflix, Director, Global Competition
- Georg BOETTCHER, Siemens, Chief Competition Counsel
- Marc BROTMAN, Pfizer, Vice President & Assistant General Counsel
- Dimos DAKANALIS, Oracle, Chief Antitrust Counsel
- Malik DHANANI, Mastercard, Senior Managing Counsel, Vice President
- Martin D’HALLUIN, News Corp, SVP, Global Competition Law & Policy Counsel
- Stacy FRAZIER, General Electric, Executive Counsel, Competition Law and Policy
- Eliana GARCES-TOLON, Meta, Director, Economic Policy
- Matt GALVIN, Anheuser-Busch InBev, Vice President, Ethics & Compliance
- Julia HOLTZ, Visa, Executive Director, Competition
- Hee-Eun KIM, Samsung, Senior Legal Counsel
- Michele LEE, Pinterest, Assistant General Counsel, Litigation, Regulatory, & Employment
- Rosie LIPSCOMB, Google, Senior Competition Counsel
- James MURRAY, Intel, Vice President, Chief Antitrust Counsel
- Gil OHANA, Cisco, Senior Director, Antitrust and Competition
- Alvaro RAMOS, Qualcomm, Senior Legal Director - Head of Global Antitrust
- Dominique SPEEKENBRINK, ABB, Head Antitrust Practice Group
- Julie VANDENBUSSCHE, IATA, Senior Legal Counsel - Specialist Antitrust
- Suzanne WACHSSTOCK, Walmart, Chief Antitrust Counsel
- David WHEELER, Verizon, Vice President and Associate General Counsel
- Charles WEBB, FedEx, Senior Antitrust Attorney

Student Committee

The Student Committee members for the Antitrust Writing Awards are :

- Mariana Fernandez, George Washington University - School of Law, Student
- Zoe Wadge, George Washington University - School of Law, Student
- Junhao Chen, George Washington University - School of Law, Student

Editorial Committee

The Editorial Committee members for the Antitrust Writing Awards are :

- Nicolas CHARBIT, Chief Editor, Concurrences
- Fanny MEJANE, Deputy Chief Editor, Concurrences Review
- Edouard VERTE, Deputy Chief Editor, Concurrences
- Sarah BAHARON, Global Events Manager, Concurrences
- Yasemin TANDOGAN, Events Coordinator, Concurrences
- Valentin MAUBOUSSIN, Publications Associate Editor, Concurrences