Compendium of approaches to improving competition in digital markets

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Developed by G7 and guest competition authorities, the compendium provides an overview of how different authorities are working to promote competition in digital markets. The compendium highlights that there is a high level of commonality in the approaches that authorities are taking to address competition concerns.

The intention is for the compendium to be an informative and useful tool for national governments, policy makers, and industry participants, as well as counterpart competition authorities and regulators grappling with similar issues. 

The compendium was published at the G7 Digital Competition Enforcers Summit, a 2-day event hosted by the CMA that brought together heads of G7 and guest competition agencies. This work and the Summit come at a seminal point, with the need to address the challenges of digital markets and big tech one of the most important issues facing governments and competition authorities around the world.

The compendium is a one-off exercise undertaken as part of the UK’s G7 Presidency in 2021. However, the competition authorities involved are committed to continuing these important discussions and work, either through future G7 work or through other international fora.