Guideline for compliance in competition

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This Guide will address the figure of a Compliance Program in Ecuadorian competition law, with the aim of becoming an effective tool to prevent the commission of anti-competitive practices, which are established in the Organic Law of Regulation and Control of Market Power (LORCPM), and which are explained and regulated in complementary regulations to the LORCPM1. In this manner, we intend to contribute with a model of Competition Compliance adapted to the reality of Ecuador, with a preventive approach on all the regulations that must be fulfilled by all the actors of the society that can be considered as economic operators, according to article 2 of the LORCPM2.

This Guide seeks to orient economic operators in the adoption and implementation of a Compliance program, informing them of the benefits of having such a program as part of their business strategy, establishing general recommendations on the essential requirements and elements that such programs should include. In turn, a Compliance program serves as a tool to identify the risks related to the possible committing of infractions to Ecuadorian competition law, in order to prevent and, if necessary, mitigate such risks.