The Swedish Competition Authority has published a new method for determining the size of fines for competition infringements

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The Swedish Competition Authority has published new guidelines describing the revised method for determining the size of administrative fines imposed on companies that have infringed the competition rules. The previous method has been revised in light of, among other things, changes to the Swedish Competition Act and enhanced decision-making powers of the Swedish Competition Authority.

A new method has been developed as a result of the latest changes in the Swedish and EU case law and the fact that, since 1 March 2021, the Swedish Competition Authority has been granted decision-making powers for competition fines. In the method, the Swedish Competition Authority describes how certain circumstances can affect the amount of the fine. The new method also reflects the changes in the Swedish Competition Act resulting from the recent implementation of the ECN+ Directive, which seeks, inter alia, to strengthen competition enforcement in the EU.

The revised method also allows the Swedish Competition Authority to impose fines that are more in line with the levels of fines for comparable infringements in other EU Member States.