Competition on audiovisual market and streaming platforms in Italy: An empirical analysis

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Audiovisual business is rapidly changing with the coming of the streaming platform in the market. A significative increasing in competition, clearly coincides with a partial decrease of Sky Italia’s dominant position, especially in the pay-TV under segment. The fast developing of new devices and technological infrastructure and a highly competitive price approach adopted by streaming platforms, together with a constant updating of new programs, surely represent a “digital revolution”. This research is a theoretical treatment of the competitiveness evolution of audiovisual market. At the beginning we have considered necessary a clear identification of the relevant market and a correct evaluation of market power of any single competitor. Further on we are going to put our attention on different business elements such as product differences, vertical integration and scope economies that have a direct influence on the concentration level. Going on in the reading of this research, it’s going to be clear that extending the theory of digital market to any platform could be superficial. And more, we are going to point out the need of very specific choices by antitrust authority taking in consideration the fast changing of this specific market which must be analyzed in a dynamic competition approach. Finally, we are going to notice some very interesting evidence concerning the peculiar position of economical international big players which have recently decided to enter in audiovisual business using, and taking advantage, from their strong position in primary markets. These and other elements are going to be analyzed concerning their possible negative influence in a correct competition approach, proposing some possible solutions too.