Screening is a “Must Have” Tool for Effective Antitrust Compliance Programmes

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Brattle Principals Dr. Rosa Abrantes-Metz and Dr. Albert Metz coauthored a chapter in Perspectives on Antitrust Compliance, published by Concurrences. The chapter, “Screening is a ‘Must Have’ Tool for Effective Antitrust Compliance Programmes,” outlines the need to enhance the use of screens within internal antitrust compliance programs. Though screening has played a notable role in the early stages of litigation in collusion and manipulation matters in the last decade, it has rarely been utilized in corporate antitrust compliance programs. However, the authors anticipate an increased use of – and need for – screens in corporations due to a 2019 US Department of Justice change in policy, which encourages antitrust compliance programs and recognizes the importance of properly designed screens within them.