Guidelines for Competition Impact Assessment of State Measures

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The Egyptian Competition Authority (ECA) published its guidelines on Assessing the Impact of State Measures on Competition in 2022. Following international best practices and in cooperation with the World Bank, ECA was able to create a guide for how it will assess the impact of state measures on competition, and how state agencies should assess state measures before issuing them. This comes as part of the second pillar of ECA’s Strategy 2021-2025, which is concerned with limiting anti-competitive state measures. The strategy for implementing this pillar is composed of 4 main steps: making institutional changes to ECA, such as creating a department dedicated to promoting competitive neutrality; making regulatory changes, such as these guidelines; disseminating the culture and concept of competitive neutrality among state employees; and carrying out regular assessments of competitive neutrality levels in different markets. The Guidelines are available in Arabic and English on ECA’s website.