2024 Antitrust Writing Awards - Jury

The Awards Jury comprises the Board (composed of leading enforcers), the Academic steering committee (composed of leading academics), the Business Steering Committee (composed of leading in-house counsel), the Student Committee (composed of students from George Washington University Law School) and the Editorial Committee of Concurrences. Each of these contributes to the Awards selection process. The Editorial Committee selects the pool of all antitrust writings accepted for nomination. The Steering Committees select the award-winning soft laws and make a shortlist of the best academic and business articles. The Board then selects the award-winning academic and business articles among those. The Student Committee, mentored by Board member Prof. William Kovacic, selects the award-winning student paper.


The Board members for the Antitrust Writing Awards are:
 Gina CASS-GOTTLIEB, Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, Chair
 Olivier GUERSENT, European Commission, Director General
 Sally HUBBARD, U.S. Department of Justice, Senior Counsel
 Frédéric JENNY, OECD Competition Committee / ESSEC Business School, Chairman / Professor
 Juliane KOKOTT, EU Court of Justice, Advocate General
 Bill KOVACIC, George Washington University, Professor
 Ioannis LIANOS, Greek Competition Authority, Chairman
 Andrea MARVAN SATIEL, COFECE, Chair Commissioner

Academic Steering Committee

The Academic Steering Committee members for the Antitrust Writing Awards are:
 Pinar AKMAN, University of Leeds
 Jonathan M. BARNETT, USC Gould School of Law
 Christian BOVET, University of Geneva Law School
 Marcel BOYER, University of Montreal
 Dennis W. CARLTON, The University of Chicago Booth School of Business
 Michael A. CARRIER, Rutgers Law School
 Carmelo CENNAMO, Copenhagen Business School
 Thomas K. CHENG, University of Hong Kong
 Giuseppe COLANGELO, University of Basilicata/LUISS Guido Carli
 Jacques CREMER, Toulouse School of Economics
 Sean ENNIS, University of East Anglia
 Amelia FLETCHER, University of East Anglia
 Eleanor M. FOX, NYU School of Law
 David GILO, Tel Aviv University
 Doris HILDEBRAND, European Economic & Marketing Consultants
 Angela HUYUE ZHANG, University of Hong Kong
 Marco IANSITI, Harvard Business School
 Felipe IRARRAZABAL, CentroCompetencia
 Marc IVALDI, Toulouse School of Economics
 John KWOKA, Northeastern University
 Douglas MELAMED, Stanford University
 Maarten Pieter SCHINKEL, University of Amsterdam
 Pierre REGIBEAU, Charles River Associates
 Ricardo RIBEIRO, Católica Porto Business School
 Simon ROBERTS, University of Johannesburg
 Thomas ROSS, University of British Columbia
 Thibault SCHREPEL, Vrije University of Amsterdam / Stanford University
 Fiona M. SCOTT-MORTON, Yale School of Management
 Daniel SOKOL, USC Gould School of Law
 Frank VERBOVEN, KU Leuven
 Florian WAGNER-VON PAPP, Helmut Schmidt University
 Xiaoye WANG, Institute of Law - Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
 Wouter WILS, King’s College London
 Lawrence J. WHITE, NYU Stern School of Business

Business Steering Committee

The Business Steering Committee members for the Antitrust Writing Awards are:
 Kushall AMLANI, Mozilla
 Georg BOETTCHER, Siemens
 Peter BOIVIN, General Motors
 Marc BROTMAN, Pfizer
 Emanuele CAMANDONA, Luxottica
 Keira CAMPBELL, American Express
 Ruth CHEN, Meta
 Olaf CHRISTIANSEN, Bertelsmann/RTL Group
 Danielle CLARK, HP
 Harry CLARKE, Spotify
 Dimos DAKANALIS, Oracle
 Leonor Velazquez DAVILA, Intel
 Malik DHANANI, Mastercard
 Renée DUPREE, Google
 Matt GALVIN, US Department of Justice
 Chris IDERMARK-BOYD, Saudi Aramco
 Dina KALLAY, Ericsson
 Krisztian KATONA, Computer and Communications Industry Association
 Samantha KNOX, Meta
 Elizabeth KRAUS, Walmart
 Eric LIPMAN, Uber
 Randy LONG, Microsoft
 Jennifer MCALPIN, Verizon
 Djemila MESBAH, Novartis
 Kirstie NICHOLSON, BHP Billiton
 Frank QI, Qualcomm
 Steve REEDER, TikTok
 William RINNER, Apollo
 Ian ROSE, Volvo
 Jenny SCHWAB, United Airlines
 Mari SCIMEMI, Barclays
 Javier TAPIA, Asociación de Transmisores and former Judge at Competition Tribunal
 Charles WEBB, FedEx
 Michelle YIP, HSBC
 Roger ZHANG, Tencent

Editorial Committee

The Editorial Committee members for the Antitrust Writing Awards are:
 Nicolas CHARBIT, Concurrences, Chief Editor
 Jennifer CALDERON, Concurrences, Intern
 Valentin MAUBOUSSIN, Concurrences, Associate Editor
 Fanny MEJANE, Concurrences, Director
 Julia REIMER, Universität Würzburg
 Edouard VERTE, Concurrences, Director
 Yasemin TANDOGAN, Concurrences, Global Events Manager
 Ariel SALVARO, Concurrences, Associate Editor