New Features

In order to make the Antitrust Writing Awards more exciting than ever, we are thrilled to unveil the latest additions to the Antitrust Writing Awards.

1. Broadened Scope for Economics Articles

We truly value economic insights. While previously confined to the “Economics” category, such articles have now found a broader platform. Thus, economics articles are now eligible across all subcategories in the Academic Articles competition (like Anticompetitive Practices and Unilateral Conduct). Moreover, the original “Economics” section has been rebranded to “General Economics” and is dedicated to overarching economic theories, models, and tools that don’t fit into the specialized categories.

2. Regional Spotlight for Business Articles Awards

In our endeavor to cover a wider spectrum, we are eager to include national case laws beyond just the US and the EU. We’ve introduced four new regional subcategories for the Best Business Articles Awards:
 Asia and Oceania
 Africa and the Middle East
 Americas (excluding the US)
 Europe (exclusive of the EU, but encompassing individual European States like the UK, Germany, Norway, Turkey, etc.)

3. Expanding the "Soft Laws Awards" Horizon

The “Best Soft Laws Awards” has been rechristened to “Soft Laws & Studies”. This change encapsulates valuable contributions from competition agencies, such as market studies and reports. Furthermore, we’ve restructured the award segmentation geographically into:
 Asia and Oceania
 Africa and the Middle East
 Americas (inclusive of the US)
 Europe (both the EU and individual European nations).

4. Reader’s Choice: Bigger and Better!

We are always keen to resonate with our readers. Therefore, the Reader’s Choice, which was previously capped at 2 Awards, has now been expanded to all the subcategories of the Academic, Business and Soft Laws & Studies categories. This means a whopping 28 opportunities to clinch a Reader’s Choice Award.